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On Air by Naga26 On Air by Naga26
Marv: A happy hello to all fight fans out there, who are following rumble in the summer 07 on Jevil Island. This is Marvin Page live on air and with me on the red couch is Sha’Akay, third Demon-Queen of Pandemonia...

Sha: Second!

M: Sorry?

S: I was the second Succubus-Queen of the Realm.

M: Eh...yes, my fault. Well. It’s nice of you to join my radio-show.

S: Sure, handsome...

M: *harrumph* She was one of the contestants in RitS until Round 4 where she got killed by Paradolias clever...

S: CLEVER?! That little *beep* wasn’t clever at all. She was just lucky, that I like children...

M: *cough* Well, kay... but let us start at the beginning. How did you come to the island?

S: Don’t know exactly... I remember only on my time back home in my kingdom. [link]
But those good old days are over now, I guess. No kidding, I mean look at me. *sigh* I was Queen of Pandamonia with a number of minions I never bothered to count. Must have been thousands of spineless demons worshipping me.
And Powers! I mean REAL powers...not that lame ' appearing-blue-flame-David-Copperfield-Trick'. I was a magical monstrosity, you can bet your soul! By the way … care to?

M: N…not today, thank you

S: You don’t know what you’re missing. Anyway, I had it all: A court, a whole realm and a handsome demon-king. Okay, he was kind of...well, I was in charge, so I owned his butt, if you understand. And boy, what a butt he had...
Well, to make long story short... I lost all these things, and what for?
For some stupid contest on this freaking island!

M: Exactly! And do you remember how you got to Jevil-Island?

S: I have no idea. But I sure know who’s gonna pay for it!

M: So, what was your first impression when you arrived on this tropical paradise?

S: “Finally – a vacation!” No kidding, I really just thought I was on holiday: palms, the beaches of pure white sand, a dreamy lagoon and a comfortable hotel to top it off!
Course, first of all I entered this big luxurious Hotel to check in. And to check out the room service!

M: And that’s when you met your first opponents?

S: Opponents, well... I actually figured the guys were for my entertainment? I had really no idea…
I mean first thing I know I run into this Kinetos guy [link] and this REALLY yummy, big, muscular, horned, red, hot...

M: Miss Sha?

S: *sigh*...his bounded demon. I decided to set Red free and burned his host. I never thought of it as a fight or anything. [link]
And then I met this horny werewolf. Boy, he knows how to tell fairytales, if you understand. [link]

M: I... think... I do… yes... but I wish I wouldn’t. Weren’t you supposed to fight Mr. Shred?

S: Sort of. He ‘fought’ with me... in the sparring room... [link]

M: Ehm...yes...would you... please take back your seat and...yes, thanks. But then, after this...ehm intermissions, the real fighting started, right?

S: Yes...well it was so boooooring. Second day, I was out to the beach, to check out some boys playing with sandcastles, and that’s where I met this blue guy....gnh... sort of liquid double-skin-freak with a telepathic link to his sword? No one told me, so I tried to be friendly to Mr. Blue. [link]

M: You tried to seduce him?

S: And he resisted! ME?! How dare him! I mean, could you resist if I just open this...

M: PLEASE! Please we’re live on air...ehm just...go on

S: ...

M: With the story!

S: Well, there’s not much to tell. He attacked me with his sword and water and all...boy, freak-nation, right? So I finished him off, spiked him with his own weapon and fried his face off the skull.

M: You’re first kill on the tournament.

S: Kill? Ha! Blue is alive and better then before...but that’s another story.

M: Well, but you DID enter Round 3 of the battles.

S: Still thinking I’m on vacation here. Kay, a strange vacation, but hey... I’ve seen weirder things back home. Anyway, third day, I decided to hang out on poolside with Red, having some fun. [link]

M: Oh, the day, the pool exploded?

S. Right, some little punk blew up the whole pool and additionally my hot lover, too!
Can you imagine, how pissed I was? I don’t know why I didn’t kill her this day?

M: So Miss Daze is alive, too?

S: Apparently. And as if THAT wasn’t enough, the day got even worse! I was walking through the jungle and one minute later some huge Cowboy was after me, caught me and beat the hell out of me. Even in my innocent human form! [link]
Can you imagine that?

M: It’s kind of hard to imagine, actually. But go on.

S: So he beat me, asked for a ‘Him’ and touched my tentacles! And if there’s one thing in this world or any other plane of existence that I can’t stand it’s someone touching my tentacles without permission! NO ONE does that and lives!

M: ehm...

S: I was just about to rip out his intestines when all of a sudden this demon-girl, this little *beep* appeared and ...I don’t know, how she did it.... Mr. big ‘Texas Ranger’ let me go and left the scene. [link] (only first page)

M: And that was the beginning of your end?

S: My …? *lighting her demon flame* Excuse me… MORTAL… would you run that by me one more time?

M: *gulp*... I didn’t mean to…

S: Nah, I’m not hungry right now anyway. So yes, Paradolia rescued me. Blah blah blah … fine, whatever! I guess I had to thank her or something but she...? BAMM! knocked me out with a double-fist right in my face and ran away! In my face! Do you have ANY idea how long it takes for me to put my mascara on with these claws?

M: Not really … so, you swore sweet revenge, right?

S: Oh, you bet, Marv! I followed her and caught up with her train. [link]
I pulled her out and beat her up....the little *beep again* had to bleed, right?

M: But it wasn’t a normal fight, this time?

S: That’s when it got REALLY weird. Some strange things started happening. First this giant puppy appeared and spat out another freaky girl. [link]
Then some huge demon-cloud appeared in the sky.... [link]
And I got so ....well... distracted, that Paradolia finally nailed me on the tracks ....*sigh* end of story.

M: But now you’re sitting right in front of me. And you don’t look like a splattered corpse.

S: Thank you, honey. Yes, I’m back to life, I guess [link]

M: That’s all?

S: Hey, all my opponents live again! Would you call that a fair challenge?

M: Ehm *cough* well… what’s your next move, Sha?

S: *grining evil* Guess what?

M: Seeking revenge, meeting all your former opponents again?

S: Not a bad guess, but first of all, I think I will enjoy a more ‘ private’ interview with you...

M: That’s...wait… that’s

S: THEN... I’ll visit someone special, someone, I’m really excited to meet.

M: Would you tell us...?

S: Jevil, the big boss himself!

M: Oh, you want to seduce Mr. Jevil...?

S: I bet he’d love me to... [link] But no, I want to end this battle once and for all!

M: Kill the captain? But...

S: You must kill the king to become the new ruler. Never read Shakespeare, eh?

M: Ehm... oh… well, our time is up...well... eh... I have to leave now, I have another appointment, and I wanted to call Jev… somebody, thank you for the interview and...

S: Not so fast, sweety, stay a moment. I have a bit of time left for you, before I visit the control-dome. [link]

M: But I have a other interviews to...hey, don’t open your ... no, put it back on, please… oh my god...are they real?
w...wait a minute, where are my pants???



Music: *Elvis- Love me tender*


Hope the english is better then usual ... thx to my quick corrector Tyler.
I decided to do a little interview after Sha’s RitS experience and in that i did a little retrospect on her fights and side-stories. Hope you like it.

Characters mentioned:
Paradolia by dewclaw
Blue by karrma
Kinetos by eternityhero
Shred by shonuff44
Jevil and the whole RitS-thing by evil-jevil
Sha and Marv by myself
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She had many things to say=)
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i like your chara. she's different,(and kinda hot) which is cool
Naga26 Featured By Owner Aug 22, 2007
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i'd love to fight your voyager, she's a weird and cool designed chick ^^
too bad you met endling in second round ...
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=]Voyager[=: *sits in corner moping
Naga26 Featured By Owner Aug 22, 2007
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VirginiaStone Featured By Owner Aug 18, 2007
oh my god that was hilarious!!! *LOOOOL* I laughed my ass off... Sha's such a cool character. I think I already said that but it's true.. and the interview was soo much fun to read. XD :hug:
Naga26 Featured By Owner Aug 18, 2007
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VirginiaStone Featured By Owner Aug 18, 2007
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don't think it needs a picture for the end, let your fantasy do the rest *g*
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